A new round of Google censorship brings in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. Formerly Google, now Alphabet Inc, weeks ago had a giant judgment in the EU against them. Globalists are pushing Google to censor political commentary and red pilled YouTubers as mainstream media such as CNN and MSNBC have gotten dominated by YouTube. YouTube content creators responsible for building YouTube into the juggernaut that it now is have been manhandled with constant tweaks that have amounted to censorship.

#1 Advertisers say they boycott YouTube ads because some of the content is offensive
#2 Now Google uses “independent groups”(groups that have a lean to the political left) and Artificial Intelligence to determine what will be viewed and what wont
END RESULT: Political and Cultural Content creators will be hurt, their reach limited

Expect a lot of backlash from YouTubers who have helped create the success of YouTube and are now going to find their content under attack.