Becoming a professional salesman

Turning Pro

I just got off the phone with a sales manager from a car dealership. We will call the sales manager Sam.

One of his salesman, “Rookie,” we will call him, had called me last week to try to get me to come out to a car sales event. I made it simple for him and told him exactly what I was looking for: 2008 Corvette, automatic 6 speed, supercharged, and a couple of acceptable colors.

The rookie salesman was pleading with me to come out to Glendale, in the hope that I could find a Corvette that was not as I specified.

Rookie said, “We are going to have 10 corvettes there, this is a great opportunity to get a great deal. Why dont you come out and look?” I pointed out why this would be a waste of my time but he kept challenging me and trying to convert me to go to the event. I was not busy this day so I let him keep going on…I think it was 15 minutes spent on the call.

Flash forward to today. The event happened over the weekend and the sales manager called to follow up.

“Hey this is Sam from XYZ dealership. I called to see if you had gone out to our event over the weekend?”

“No,” I responded, “I told {Rookie] exactly what I wanted and to call me if he had exactly that.”

Sam heard me instead of pleading me to do something I did not want to do, he noted what I wanted and told me he would call me if he had that.

Sam has had a lot of experience to be able to determine is I was sellable and if I was worth his time.

Rookie should have learned a lesson here. Instead of spending 15 minutes of his time wasted with me, pleading…he could have moved on, made more calls and had more opportunity to find the type of buyers he was looking for this event.

Go Pro (thanks Steven Pressfield):
The professional salesman is able to identify when a target is not “sellable.” They are not ready to buy and any pushing is likely just wasted time.

There are 4 types of buyers
1 Those that are ready
<-->Focus here, gather the intel as part of the selling process that identifies this group
2 Not quite ready, still shopping
<--> Good group, they are sellable with the right approach and information they need to justify the purchase
3 Tire Kickers/Curious
<-->Time Wasters…they get the salesman excited but really amount to a waste of time. Not a good group to focus on.
4 People that could be given the best opportunity of a lifetime and STILL not buy
<-->It seems obvious but Dont waste much time here. A lot of people will seem like they are from this group when you first approach them. They are defensive and they dont know you. You might be trying to suck their precious time from them. Try to disarm them and develop rapport, then try to identify their needs and take them through your sales process… if they are still extremely short and not interested they might be wasting your time.

If we feel that a prospect would not buy under ANY circumstances, we might pose a hypothetical scenario to see if they have any interest:
EX. What if I were able to [insert dream scenario i.e. get the car that you are looking for in your budget], then would you be interested?

Don’t be a rookie, turn professional with your sales prospecting. This is not an excuse to give up whenever things dont go perfectly. or an excuse not to push and sell aggressively. Rather this is a tool to better and more effectively budget your time and sell even more.

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