How do we learn about the future? One way is by looking at the past.

Here is a video of my analysis of bitcoin from 2013!

Little has changed in my analysis now that we are at all-time highs ( $1188 BTC/USD as my writing this)
Bitcoin update 2017
More exchanges have been hacked or otherwise exploited, more technology and startups have shared their ideas and implementation of bitcoin.

In the video, I compare Tesla to Bitcoin and talk about how when trading, a chart is a chart.Interestingly Tesla stock has hung in there, even better than Bitcoin has. Will Tesla be at all time highs soon enough?

My approach with bitcoin has been to trade it like any other instrument. The only variant is that I have less faith in bitcoin security, so I used less cash outlay and instead used margin for my position size. In this way Instead of a $10k position all from USD to bitcoin, I pu ony $5k in and used margin to borrow the other $5k.

Ironically, I was stung with Bitfinex hack. I still haven’t quite figured out the Vouchers but from what I gather, those who lost money in the hack (i.e. everyone with a bitfinex account), was given the opportunity for BFX tokens which represent ownership in the bitcoins or equity in the company if you are a qualified investor.


I still hold my tokens as of the time of writing.