Welcome to America.
It’s gotten to the point where, if MSNBC said the sky was Brown, I would be arguing with leftists all day that the sky was indeed still blue.
The WikiLeaks have completely exposed the DNC, Clinton Campaign and the Clintons (as if the past 30 years of corruption, sexual assault/rape, pandering and general lack of good outcomes hasn’t already). This clear evidence has exposed that some walk among us, that are already living in The Matrix and that the year is 1984.
Yet all we hear is how bad Trump is and how Hillary is just crushing him. Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Obama, Trump phony rape victim, Barrack Obama, well groomed CNN anchors arguing with truth tellers, rinse, repeat. I’m waiting until they start rounding up political prisoners for this to complete. Let’s see if Police and Military will comply with the treasonous leeches at the top, suckling off the masses of sheep, trekking to slaughter. Obama Guides Supporters