==Obama Who?==
If you are outraged at Trump but you didnt mind when Obama:
-Campaigned on getting out of the wars but when elected, expanded the wars
-Said Obamacare would be saving families $2500 but actually increased the costs.
-Used every excuse to attack the 2nd amendment ( Clinton will be worse)
-Gave billions on pallets to Iran, an enemy that funds terrorism.
-Gave away the Internet domain naming system to international organization (Icann)
-Took 93% of the Black vote, but every metric for Black Americans is worse. This is intolerable.
Dont tell me how bad Trump is…You are buying into the liberal media who has branded Trump as a racist. You took the bait.
As far as standing on principle, I have no problem doing it. I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and they branded him a racist and the media blackballed him. Same dirty tricks today.

Remember when you voted for Obama, the community organizer? He somehow had enough “experience” even though he never had a shred of real work in the private space.
America is in decline. Trump has his own issues but he is willing to stand up and say enough is enough. I’m tired of the politicians lying and being bought. The GOP is the most effective way of getting out the message but even some in his own party try to ostracize him and are turncoats.
I admire Trump for standing up against the machine. A machine he knows is flawed and corrupt from his own dealings “buying politicians.”
Trump used the political system to his advantage, no doubt about it. But many people are doing the same and they stay hush hush about it. They give money to Political groups, politicians and organizations that assure the system stays the same or is more advantageous to them. Trump is calling the system out.

==The Establishment==
Is there a reason why the media, the democrats, a group of the Republicans and the libertarians are all against Trump?
He upsets the system. He is the outsider here to come change it. The many in power that benefit for the system staying the same are scared. Jeff Bezos is scared. Carlos Slim is scared. Mark Zuckerberg is scared. Billionaires have given more money to Clinton than Trump by a wide margin. Yet the narrative is that Trump is only in it for enriching himself and his other billionaire buddies. Lies.

==The New McCarthyism==
The Clinton machine is trying to posture for war against Russia. Russia’s entire GDP us less than the GDP of New York. The entire Russian military expenditure is less than 3 weeks of US military spending. Yet, Clinton says we need to be scared of Russia. Clinton is setting the world stage for WWIII and its ridiculous. She’s taking advantage of the uninformed. The Clinton machine has said that Russia is trying to mess with our elections. Ridiculous.