A Conversation with A Clinton Supporter

Me: Who do you like in US election?
Person: Clinton
Me: Why?
Person: Because Trump is racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic
Me: Why?
Person: Because MSNBC/CNN/ABC told me so.
Me: If I showed you clear conflict of interest from these “news sources,” would you consider that they may be misleading you
(anchors at those channels were biased; gave significantly more money to and communicated with Clinton in emails for years)?
Person: No.
Lesson: Some people cant handle the truth.
Step outside Comedy Central, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow etc…These people do not have YOUR best interests in mind. They are the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s dystopic, yet stunningly real Nineteen Eighty Four.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”- Orwell

Welcome To America. Election Twenty F*cking Sixteen

Welcome to America.
It’s gotten to the point where, if MSNBC said the sky was Brown, I would be arguing with leftists all day that the sky was indeed still blue.
The WikiLeaks have completely exposed the DNC, Clinton Campaign and the Clintons (as if the past 30 years of corruption, sexual assault/rape, pandering and general lack of good outcomes hasn’t already). This clear evidence has exposed that some walk among us, that are already living in The Matrix and that the year is 1984.
Yet all we hear is how bad Trump is and how Hillary is just crushing him. Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Obama, Trump phony rape victim, Barrack Obama, well groomed CNN anchors arguing with truth tellers, rinse, repeat. I’m waiting until they start rounding up political prisoners for this to complete. Let’s see if Police and Military will comply with the treasonous leeches at the top, suckling off the masses of sheep, trekking to slaughter. Obama Guides Supporters

So you hate Trump…Obama Who?

==Obama Who?==
If you are outraged at Trump but you didnt mind when Obama:
-Campaigned on getting out of the wars but when elected, expanded the wars
-Said Obamacare would be saving families $2500 but actually increased the costs.
-Used every excuse to attack the 2nd amendment ( Clinton will be worse)
-Gave billions on pallets to Iran, an enemy that funds terrorism.
-Gave away the Internet domain naming system to international organization (Icann)
-Took 93% of the Black vote, but every metric for Black Americans is worse. This is intolerable.
Dont tell me how bad Trump is…You are buying into the liberal media who has branded Trump as a racist. You took the bait.
As far as standing on principle, I have no problem doing it. I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and they branded him a racist and the media blackballed him. Same dirty tricks today.

Remember when you voted for Obama, the community organizer? He somehow had enough “experience” even though he never had a shred of real work in the private space.
America is in decline. Trump has his own issues but he is willing to stand up and say enough is enough. I’m tired of the politicians lying and being bought. The GOP is the most effective way of getting out the message but even some in his own party try to ostracize him and are turncoats.
I admire Trump for standing up against the machine. A machine he knows is flawed and corrupt from his own dealings “buying politicians.”
Trump used the political system to his advantage, no doubt about it. But many people are doing the same and they stay hush hush about it. They give money to Political groups, politicians and organizations that assure the system stays the same or is more advantageous to them. Trump is calling the system out.

==The Establishment==
Is there a reason why the media, the democrats, a group of the Republicans and the libertarians are all against Trump?
He upsets the system. He is the outsider here to come change it. The many in power that benefit for the system staying the same are scared. Jeff Bezos is scared. Carlos Slim is scared. Mark Zuckerberg is scared. Billionaires have given more money to Clinton than Trump by a wide margin. Yet the narrative is that Trump is only in it for enriching himself and his other billionaire buddies. Lies.

==The New McCarthyism==
The Clinton machine is trying to posture for war against Russia. Russia’s entire GDP us less than the GDP of New York. The entire Russian military expenditure is less than 3 weeks of US military spending. Yet, Clinton says we need to be scared of Russia. Clinton is setting the world stage for WWIII and its ridiculous. She’s taking advantage of the uninformed. The Clinton machine has said that Russia is trying to mess with our elections. Ridiculous.

PREDICTION: TRUMP is the 2016 President of the US #MAGA #TRUMP


TRUMP wins 2016 President of the United States. Big news in the Republican nominee process as Ted Cruz drops out. Kasich is suspected to drop out as well, as he was a distant third.
Trump is the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton.
Am I right? Who will be president in 2016?

How a Japanese Trader Made $40 million in a trade! CIS


My Twitter: https://twitter.com/tpavlik

Bloomberg story
“One document showed he had traded $14 billion worth of Japanese equities in 2013 — about half of 1 percent of all the share transactions done by individuals on the Tokyo Stock Exchange that year.”

““Of course I’m happy about today, but you win some and you lose a lot, too,” he said, explaining the Greek financial crisis had cost him about $6 million.”
“The latest trade began on Aug. 12, when CIS noticed a shift in equity markets he hadn’t seen for a while. Shares in the major indexes were struggling to recover from sell-offs. He started shorting Nikkei futures: 200 contracts the first day and another 1,300 over the following week and a half.
The stakes were enormous. With 1,500 contracts at a notional value of about $160,000 each, his bet against the Nikkei was about $240 million. For every 100 yen move in the index, he stood to make or lose $1.25 million.
The market was mostly flat over the next few days; CIS bided his time playing video games. On Friday Aug. 21, the Nikkei dipped. Then on Monday, the index plunged the most in two years, and the futures fell more than 1,000 points to 18,410. By the close at 3 p.m. in Tokyo, his profit stood at about $13 million.”
CIS trader twitter handle

Marty Schwartz and Mr Top Step Video

Mr Top Step, Danny Riley (Twitter)was nice enough to share this interview and Q and A with famed trader and Market Wizard, Marty Schwartz.

Before I go into the summary and what I learned from the interview, Danny O’Reilly points out that ideas should be shared by dedicating this video to Charlie D. Charlie was a floor trader that taught a lot of other new traders unselfishly and did very well for himself. I also agree with this.  I see those willing to share, whether its on their blogs or twitter accounts, get a ton out of helping others. I don’t know if it is karma but I appreciated the message.

The video runs one hour and is well worth your time. I’ve already watched it twice! Without further ado, here are some notes and key takeaways:

Marty Schwartz on: not being outworked by anybody, his trading, sucker plays (when the chart looks the best), being prepared the night before with levels, the emotions of trading (fading emotions), etc…

“The problem is when the opportunity presents itself, you usually are carrying some bad inventory or you are pissing in your pants”  –I found this quite funny and on point. Most traders take risk and seldom are out entirely from the market. So in a bigger correction, when the time is ripe to go for the kill and get long, what holds traders back is their bad inventory (stocks with unrealized losses) or their fear (Ebola, Greek Exit, FED rate increase etc…).

“Am I craving the action or do I really want to win and be successful? Until you can answer that you should save your money.” –If you play Black jack and count cards there are times when the count is not favorable. Do you walk around and find another table, go to the bathroom or do you keep playing even when the odds are not in your favor? It’s quite the same in the stock market. Avoiding the sub optimal times in the market is a big battle for traders who love trading and love taking on risk.

Marty Schwartz said he could train 100 traders and only one or two would come out successfully. WHY? Its because you have to find something that compliments YOUR OWN style. –I’ve seen traders on Twitter with very good track records but followers unable to replicate the results even shadowing their trades. Why? Because its not their style and they are only picking a few trades instead of all of them. Either way, the point is to develop your own style of trading.

The mathematics of draw downs. Losing one third of your capital, you now must gain back around 50 % to get back to even. –Study this table of the mathematics of drawdowns by @SJosephBurns

Options premiums on puts have more premium than calls. Schwarz sells options on the S&P 500 300 + points OTM on puts and calls around 80-100 points OTM

Firewalls: Currently short 2180 calls but long 2200 calls on back spread so he can adjust and diminishes the margin requirement he needs to post.

“Oscillators precede price. You must use them over and over again until you can really tee it up.”–This is a marathon, not a sprint. For Schwartz, the market gives him a feeling with his methodology. He is not systematic but is self described as a synthesizer, taking in all of the information and trying to setup lower risk entries with high rewards.

“The key to being a great trader is to be flexible.” Schwartz can switch from long to short over a news event or something he sees. He talked about a story where one trader followed him into a trade and then shortly after flipped the position and went the opposite way. He owed nothing to that other trader, caveat emptor.

“Willing your position to win (adding to losers or pyramiding), does not lead to happiness.”–A lot of self development teaches you to just believe in yourself and your goals will come true but the market cannot be willed by one person, so willing your way to success is a chance at blowing up.

Here is the video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAKMRFf0Mb0

Trend Following Turtles System Programmed

I have been trying out CQG so that I can look into what they offer. So far, it’s a bit annoying relearning all of the basics that I am so used to i.e. manipulating charts, the symbol methodology and market subscriptions, watchlists etc… But, one advantage is that it appears CQG is a total solution; charting, backtesting & research  and execution. The integrated client is expensive at around $500 per month and they make you pay for data if you want real historical data. Or you can plug in your own third party data.

I found this video on the Turtles’ Trend Following System that is a good primer if you have looked into trend following or read a book about the Turtles historic success.





Do you use CQG? Have you used it before and found something better for your style of trading? Do you trade similar to the Turtle’s trend following system, breakout system or have you looked into it?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Happy Trading.